We, at L’arCHoneva, are driven by utter professionalism expressed in aesthetics, high working ethics, technical and normative competency, and strong dedication to every project. These principles, combined with our loyalty to the client, are the foundation and the guarantee for success.

   L’ArCHoneva Ltd. was established in 2005 by architect Luliana Choneva as an architectural branch of the art association “Chonevi,” which represented the musicians, the painters and the architects from the Chonevi family. We have strong traditions in the field with three generations of excellence at L’arCHoneva. Our wisdom, experience, and unceasing ambition blend together to accomplish the company’s mission and goals. For us, the architecture is nothing short of love and passion to what we do today, in order to provide you with a better tomorrow.

   We have excellent architects and technicians, who work in unison with an amazing team of professionals in every field, in order to provide quality and competence for every project.

Our awards:

   Office building of the year for 2002, Residential building of the year for 2003, Hotel building of the year for 2004 and other.


An award-winning international practice covering architecture, planning and industrial design in all major sectors, we breath life into buildings through beautiful form and function.


Although we tend to price projects on an individual basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.





   We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

   Our team at architecture studio L’arCHoneva has confidence and experience in the design and management of projects of various types and scale:

Development projects

Residential buildings

Public and office buildings

Hotels and leisure complexes

Industrial projects

Renovation, restoration and refurbishment


Project management

Quantity bills

Full consulting services in the construction process and legislation